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>> reporter: manuel kenya was sentenced to life in prison under the three strikes law in 1994. now he's one of the first to be released under proposition 36. >> it's something i prayed about in secret. >> reporter: after spending near areally two decades in prison for petty theft, 45-year-old manuel kenya's prayers have been answered. the three striker is among the first in california to be set free under proposition 36. the voter approved measure giving judges the authority to release nonviolent three strikers who are serving life sentences for minor crimes. >> i just thank god that i have a better place to be and that i survived that sentence. i saw a lot of men go crazy or
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take their lives. >> pena was just 27 when he stole a pair of shoes. because the three strikes law had just kicked in, he got sentence sentenced to life. >> committed his offense of petty theft with a prior conviction some two weeks after the three strikes law first went into effect. he stole a wallet and a pair of shoes and for that he was sentence ed sentenced to 25 years to life. >> i was basically walking around for a few years like i couldn't believe it. i didn't know if i was ever getting out. >> reporter: pena's family got emotional when they got the news their loved one would be heading home. he spent his first christmas in 18 years out of custody. he's living in a recovery home trying to get his life back on track. >> i just want to live a good life. >> reporter: and though he's grayed and thin from years of tough prison life, he's grateful for the second chance. and just as that harsh sentence
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for shoplifting left him stunned 18 years ago he's now in disbelief that just as suddenly he's a free man. >> i still wake up today and walk out to the front yard and look up the sky. see a kid going to school and people driving by. it just happened so fast. it's a blessing to be out, to be free. >> reporter: again, pena is one of the first people to undergo a resentencing hearing in california. he hopes to be followed by many, many more. the public defender here in contra costa county estimates that thousands of prisoners are eligible for possible release. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. a san jose community is rattled after four of its neighbors came upon burglars in their home in the middle of the day. san jose police say they're trying to be creative with their resources but neighbors have to do their part as well.
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kris sanchez joins us from police headquarters with why police think the suspects are getting bolder. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. san jose police response times are up. the burglary unit is no more, nor is the truancy unit that lowered the burglary rate in the daytime hours by rounding up teenagers who were suppose d to be at school and now san jose police say the fact these burglars are striking in the middle of the day and they're coming upon homeowners may mean they're getting more bold. maxine walker's security gate was locked when a man rang the doorbell at her home in east san jose tuesday afternoon. >> he said is michael home. i slammed the door. but i had no idea he'd gone next door. i thought he was really looking for a michael. >> reporter: turns out the man was looking for an opportunity and when walker's neighbor did not answer the door, several suspects broke in. the woman hid in a bedroom and called police. >> yesterday was a busy day for
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burglaries, specifically in east san jose. >> reporter: four robberies in three hours in the foothill divisi division. in three of them burglars crossed paths with the residents before police could arrive. >> and at least one there were several firearms were stolen so now we have five more guns on the street. >> reporter: two under aged suspects were busted with stolen property and taken into custody. >> that juvenile was in possession of l some of the stolen property from the house, located the second juvenile that was on probation for burglary, surprisingly. so we got both of them off the stree streets. >> reporter: they're off the streets but there are other burglars who hit a home and made off with five hand guns, two of which were loaded. san jose police investigate. >> they'd better buy locks for their gates. >> reporter: while san jose police no longer have a burglary unit, the burglaries are being investigated by patrol officers and they are stretched quite
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thin. they're trying to be proactive going after check-ups on parolees, those convicted on burglaries. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. sheriff's deputies conducting a check got a big surprise. big. when they walked into a house near the corner of mt. jasper and mt. olympus coming face-to-face with mr. t. this is mr. t, a five foot long cayman. that was him in a plexiglas tank. the man on probation who owns him is 32-year-old mayar who told deputies he's had mr. t for 60 years now. >> the deputy said we were trying to figure out the age of the animal and he said he got it to commemorate the death of tupac shakur so we knew it was approximately 16 years old. >> the alligator was taken to the zoo.
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mr. t is very sick. mayar who has been on probation for less than a year for disturbing the peace was booked. >> a bitter breakup could be the motive behind the deadly attack. an estranged wife is accused of orchestrating a home invasion in pittsburgh, one that targeted her husband. nbc bay area's arturo santiago has the details and the arrest. arturo? >> reporter: the break-in and stabbing happened yesterday morning just after 10:00. since then, though, a lot has been unraveled. at first it appeared that a burglar had been stabbed and killed by a resident. an upstairs neighbor heard the commotion. >> somebody was getting into a fight. punching up the wall and stuff. >> reporter: what it appears to be now is a plot devised by the resident's wife and her boyfriend, 2-year-old matt parker. >> she has been romantically
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involved with mr. parker for several months now. during that time they have burglarized. >> reporter: charles parker along with 21-year-old jimmy and 54-year-old robert lindsey to rob the husband of his legally grown marijuana and to strong arm him. lindsey was stabbed and killed while struggling with the husband. >> she was separating with her husband. it appears to her her husband was reconsidering moving out of the res debs. she felt this would be a persuasion or a scare tactic. >> reporter: today the old door lock lies next to a pair of children's shoes. the husband and wife's 5 and 8-year-old children were not home at the time of the break-in. >> as they prepared this and talked about it, she gave our suspects keys to the residence, and that is ultimate ly how our suspect gained entry. >> reporter: police are considering the case as a targeted attack which is little
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comfort to some. >> you know, i'm shocked. i didn't spend the night over here last night. >> reporter: now police say charles parker broke into the apartment with lindsey. they were arrested soon after. matt parker and sherr main, the wife, were arrested later on in the evening. all four remaining suspects are will be charged with murder because someone was killed while a felony was being committed. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, arturo. okay, the big chill coming tonight. a live look at san francisco. temperatures expected to reach freezing and if you're driving around, get ready because there's the potential for black ice on the road. we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who has been tracking the cold and i know you keep saying this. the key to this is layers. >> yes, layer up. three to four 0 of them the next couple of mornings. our latest storm system is arriving. not too much moisture back behind it but major cold air will drop temperatures over the next two days anywhere from
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about 0 to 25 degrees. even tracking some slick conditions. throughout oakland, down the peninsula, spotty showers that will make it down throughout san jose. there's not going to be a whole lot of moisture left but we are looking at snow levels dropping to 1,000 feet. you are at the greatest risk. a dusting expected, even some black ice if you're traveling throughout the east bay and the north bay. if you're heading south to the coastline, a rare and unusual coastal snow advisory at least in our viewing area. you can seep the snow advisory in effect for 1,500 feet. 1 to 3 inches of snow.
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if you thought it was cold today and by friday morning a freeze warning already in effect where temperatures will be near record setting. we'll detail a lot more throughout the show. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff. crews are hoping it will prevent flooding. members of the california conservation corps trying to secure the levy that burst last night during heavy rain. the structure needs major upgrades. 6,000 homes and businesses are in the flood plain area in east palo alto. >> and then a priceless piece of california history. tonight new evidence that could catch a thief behind a bay area museum heist. >> and when every second counts, emergency response times could get even longer in the south bay. plus -- >> you can't see it but this tiny pill has an edible bar code on it. i'm marianne favro.
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and coming up, i'll show you how bay area technology may one day help make sure your medication is the real deal. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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barry bonds, one of the greatest in history, was denied entrance into the hall of fame. some of the famous sportswriters who wrote his praises for years did not vote him in today. the question now, how long will bonds and other players linked to steroids be black listed? let's bring in jim kozemore. we know what he's done on the field but it's off the field that's getting him into hot water. >> this is not a surprise. we knew he wasn't going to be voted in, still, he does make quite a statement, even this particular class of suspected superstars. and it's not just bonds really. he received 36.2% of the vote.
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roger klemm yons, sammy sosa was 12.5%. all appeared on the ballot for the first time so they have more -- 14 more years to receive the necessary 75% of the vote to make it to cooperstown. balco founder victor conte responded to the vote. >> the mistakes that he made, do i believe that he used perfo performance enhancing substances? as i've said many times before, i never ever talked to him about it or provided any to him. i do know there was a positive test. they went back and retested from 2003 and it did, in fact, test positive for thg or the clear so, you know, he objeviously to this knowingly or unknowingly. >> seven time most valuable player. clemons the only seven time cy young award winner. no one was actually voted in.
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craig biggio of the houston astros came the closest. please stick around as we will dig deeper into the hall of fame voting and break down the 49ers running game as they prepare for their playoff game on saturday. that's later in the show. guys, back to you. >> okay, jim. we'll see you in a few minutes. well, it's all about time. firefighters are trained to arrive on the scene in about six minutes, 90% of the time. that's the national standard. but in san jose the response time is slower and now the fire chief is speaking out. let's bring in bay area's damian tru trujillo and how much slower is the response time and why? >> reporter: raj, what the city council actually wants to know, what they want to know themselves. the problem is no one was looking at one key factor in calculating response times. when the crew at fire station nine leaves on a call, they're stuck on that call until the scene is cleared. so if another call comes in for the same area, another fire station has to respond. and chances are, it's going to take that second crew longer to
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get there. >> we have to rely on a second company which makes, one, survivability of any trap victims harder and, secondly, it makes it a far more dangerous environment for our firefighters. >> reporter: now it turns out in reporting the response times, the department was not looking at the time it took for that second crew to arrive so the chief now says the san jose standard of eight minutes 80% of the time might be off. >> the numbers can only go down. so our responses can only be worse. >> reporter: the fire union credits the chief who was in meetings all day for discovering the flaw and address iing it. one neighbor isn't too worried about the added response time. >> the responses are pretty quick. sure, wouldn't be there in second but within minutes we would probably arrive. i don't worry about it.
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>> it has gone on for a fairly long time. >> reporter: councilman pete constance says his public safety committee. >> to have a discussion about how this occurred, why it may have happened and what we can do to prevent these kind of errors from happening in the future. >> reporter: in this memo the san jose fire chief actually tells the san jose city council that he expects those response times numbers to be worse. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. new details in the theft of a rare piece of goldrush history. the oakland museum of history is offering a $12,000 reward. it was stolen monday and police believe the thief is the same man who stole items from the museum in november. the missing box is engraved with the images of northern
6:18 pm
california and is smaller than a shoe box. a pioneer gave it to his wife in the 1800s. >> it was created by a san francisco goldsmith artisan. it does include quartz that have not been mined since the 1800s. we consider it a precious object in telling the story of california, particularly the goldru goldrush. >> surveillance cameras did record the crime showing an african-american man 5'9" to 6 feet tall with a medium complexion. police say they're not releasing the video to the public just yet and will not release the pictures of the missing box so as not to compromise their investigation. city college of san francisco will miss its march 15 deadline to fix years of money and management problem. the question now if they can hack on to its accreditation. they tell state officials the school needs for time. improvements have been made but
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further progress is blocked because they can not agree on closing any of the school's nine s satellite campuses. teachers won't concede to a pay cut and department heads are resisting a plan sending them back to the classroom. the board of trustees meets again tomorrow and on friday students and staff are planning a protest. >> all right. i want to check in now with jeff ranieri, our meteorologist. he says tomorrow is expected to be really told. the cold front situated across the bay area at this point. not too much moisture back behind it this hour. as we zoom in, you will notice a trail here of some light to moderate showers from the san francisco peninsula up to oakland. these are very cold showers getting that roadway slick tonight. let's take you outside of that live network. san rafael, you are going to be one of the coldest over the next three days. also potentially some black ice here as we head throughout tonight. you want to take it slow if you're traveling through the elevations. in the south bay a few spotty showers, cloud cover also increasing right now.
6:20 pm
let's get you into the current temperatures. we dropped 10 to 15 degrees in the past two hours alone. 47 in napa. 50 in san jose. also dropping into the low to mid-40s. so here comes the latest system, again, wrapping in a lot of polar air that will be with us the next three to four days across most of the bay area. some isolated showers in here as we continue the next 24 hours and also those ex traemly low snow levels. a few spotty showers in the south bay and then for tomorrow morning we're not expecting too much widespread heavy rainfall for that commute can at 5:00 and 6:00. most of the best chance up against the immediate coastline and that's also the best chance of maybe the low snow down to 1,000 feet. tomorrow we will get some sunny skies in here.
6:21 pm
more on this three and seven day forecast coming up later on in the show. >> thank you, jeff. all right. it's one of the world's most profitable businesses and it's following movies and music. >> high-end gaming getting a boost from bay area technology. we go to the ces, consumer electronics show, business and tech reporter scott budman in las vegas with a look at what will be playing in the months to come. >> reporter: we see products that will be out in the years to come. the question is, will they make any money? one thing we know for sure, mobile gaming is red-hot and it is red-hot because it has si silicon valley inside. further evidence we love our mobile devices. maybe not as much as this guy. but gamers love their mobile devices and now their favorite games are coming to them. this is the razor edge tablet.
6:22 pm
taking all your games and it's a tablet. >> and it lets you play on the go. you no longer need a stand alone console connecting to your it tv to play. now you can go anywhere. >> a lot of restrictions with a lot of tablets these days. i mean, they have games like angry birds, those are fun games but we're looking to reach out to the gamers and really introduce them to bring them to wherever they want. they are inside the razor tablet. >> these gamers want to play games anywhere whether it's the conso console, the pc, their tablet, their phone. they just love playing games. and, yes, it's mobile, too. recognizing what we've come to expect with movies and other
6:23 pm
content, portability. >> that's where it started. now the same thing where you want to enjoy it and take it everywhere as well. >> reporter: there's no dancing around it, ces is all about mobility this year. if you're a gamer, that's music to your ears. that razor tablet will be out a little later this year. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> always something new. >> when scott gets back, a suitcase full of goodies. we need another yoda. the plan to bring another star wars statue to the area gets a big boost. >> and these aren't your normal school lunches. the school district helping trade junk food for a healthy alternative. so... [ gasps ]
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an east bay business is joining local schools to fight childhood obesity. revolution food.
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that's the company that's now providing fresh, healthy lunches to students at the san francisco unified school district. the superintendent says fighting obesity isn't the only benefit for providing nutritious lunches. >> if you have well nourished children fed well, that are happy, have nutritious meals, you're going to see an increase in student achievement. >> most of the foods used in the meals are locally sourced. well, still ahead, a whole different kind of trip from dangerous to dependable. >> i'm sam brock. california doesn't still have a prison problem, does it? governor jerry brown said we don't but in tonight's reality check, yes, we probably do. and a calculated killer. the revealing photos of what
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> california's prison crisis is officially over, at least that's what governor brown is saying. >> yesterday he told the feds to stop meddling in the state's business despite a looming deadline to lower the prison population. a deadlinec california will certain not meet. >> reporter: jessica, what's happened in california the last few years is nothing short of extraordinary. we have chopped our prison population by 40,000 inmates primarily by shifting the onus to local governments. but that's the key here because local governments still have the final word on where convicted criminals are held in jail or in prison. governor brown is wrong. >> the prison, today i've signed this proclamation stating that
6:30 pm
the trouble situation in california presideisons has bee remedi remedied. >> reporter: the much maligned prison system, governor brown told a skeptical audience that the tuesday is officially fixed. but without meeting a federally mandated benchmark for prison populations,c california currently has about 133,000 people in its prison system, well below the peak of 173,000 but well above where it needs to be, 112,000 by june. can the governor really claim compliance? >> i think he's probably complied. can we keep in compliance? >> reporter: joan might be the most informed pet on the prison system in the entire country. she has chaired an expert prison pam for governor schwarzenegger, served as consultant on the topic to governor brown, and stanford is conducting the most
6:31 pm
comprehensive study to date. while the state has dramatically reduced and vastly improved the health care system for innovates before the federal government got involved in the first place, there's one thing governor brown isn't telling you, she says, about presideison reduction. >> the short coming was that it allowed every county to become its own sentencing commission. every county can decide who should go to presideison, who s stay locally. >> reporter: you heard them right. sentencing guidelines were never changed so local government already overburdened with rising populations and less money for all services were exercising control over where a person convicted of a crime ends up, jail or prison. she says she has interviewed more than 50 officials statewide and while some governments say they'll play ball with the governor, certainly many of them will not.
6:32 pm
>> the question we're asking him them, how are you implementing realignment? some of them like los angeles are teaching deputies how to charge differently. make sure if you have the evidence you charge so that person goes to prison. >> reporter: the latest numbers support the idea they are reacting. drops have leveled off in recent months and long-term projections show the prison population going up not down by thousands. which brings us back to our point. governor brown can't say the crisis is resolved not when the state is treading water with no clue as to high how populations will rise in the future. sam brock, nbc bay area news. vice president joe biden launched a public effort today to build support for the president's promise to curb gun violence. he called gun control advocates to the white house and pledged to take action quickly. while many were encouraged, they are facing impassioned
6:33 pm
opposition to gun rights advocates. >> we're better with 32 murders every day in movie theaters and schools and places of worship. >> the bad guys, they're not going to go into a room with people full of guns. >> you cannot infing upon people's rights to bear arms in this country. >> tomorrow the vice president will meet with the leaders of the ra. >> a surprise ending at the preliminary hearing for the man suspected in the colorado movie theater shooting. james holmes is accused of killing 12 and wounding 70 last summer. today his attorneys did not present any evidence or even call a single witness to the stand. this comes after prosecutors presented evidence for days. evidence including cell phone photographs he took hours before the mass shooting. in one photograph he's seen wearing black contacts and sticking out his tongue. in another he's smiling with the muzzle of a handgun under his
6:34 pm
chin. the decision about a trial could come as soon as friday. holmes is facing the death penalty. a ferry slammed into a dock in new york city injuring dozens of riders, 74 to be exact. two with critical injuries. the ferry was making its usual rush hour trip from new jersey to manhattan. passengers say everything was normal except for the docking. >> the next thing i knew i was six feet in the air. i woke up from being knocked out. >> the crew was breath liesed immediately after. the tests came back negleative. >> the double slide is almost ready. the project was supposed to open last month. there's still some finishing touches on the massive project carved into the earth. >> reporter: for one of the most exciting projects to hit in
6:35 pm
decades, there was not a lot of excitement at devils slide. inside the brand-new twin tunnels there are no massive construction trucks, no army of workers, just a smattering of crews taking care of odds and ends. >> there's a lot of small jobs that need to be done. >> reporter: for now the standard answer is as soon. >> the closer we get to it, we'll have a better idea and let everyone know once we decide on a date. >> reporter: work on the tunnels that about bypass a stretch of highway 1 and half moon bay is mostly done. crews are now running not so exciting tests on the many state-of-the-art safety systems. >> the fire marshal conducting a test on every one of the hoses we have. >> reporter: the tunnels are equipped with 32 massive industrial fans to blow out
6:36 pm
taxic fumes. there are 32 emergency call boxes. ten messaging signs and a control room where crews will monitor the inside of the tunnels round the clock. >> if there is an emergency we'll know in here first. >> reporter: when the tunnels do open they'll bring stabilitiy t commuters. >> it is going to help bridge the two communities together where they can go up and down the coast without worrying about safety issues. >> reporter: the community is excited about plans to turn the old stretch into highway 1 into bu bicycle and walking trails. >> that will be probably the most panoramic view, substantial view from mexico to the canadian border. >> reporter: for now the work is about checking lights and making sure it is working.
6:37 pm
whoever said progress was exciting? >> a brand-new car analogy, perfect. >> a dog treat ingredient at the center of a recall. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. we are tracking dangerous high tides that could cause areas of flooding and a word of warning. very cold air coming your way for friday morning's freeze warning and frost advisories for the entire bay area.
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your facebook friends who
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constantly update their status may be doing it to get a little pick-me-up. some people update so they don't feel lonely. a study out of berlin urged a group of college students to post more updates than usual for a week. they completed the mood questionnaire that happiness levels did not change. the frequent updaters felt less lonely. here comes indiana jones and yoda. a downtown like no other. this park will have all of that but will also have the life-sized statue of movie hero indiana jones accompanied by yoda from the star wars films. both characters were the creation of george lucas who is donating the lapped for the park. an office building will be ready for visitors and fans from all over the country by the start of
6:41 pm
the summer. the yoda fountain in san francisco. >> his money, his park. his statue. all parks are just so cool. i have to stop and see yoda. >> and indiana jones. >> i forgot that. that's wild. it's cold out here. we've been talking about how cold it is. the low snow and what our potential is of seeing a few snowflakes across the area. that seven day forecast always has your weekend in it. all right, jeff. here is what we have in sports. a year ago the bell cow was beat. you might see a different frank gore on saturday when the niners square off with green bay and hall of fame voters weren't kind to barry bonds. we'll give you the details on the hall of fame voting next. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more
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starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. secondhand smoke affects unch. everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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a well-known american company is recalling dog treats, the wagon train treats, until further notice is being pulled. this comes after an investigative unit report last summer that exposed thousands of complaints to the fda from pet owners who say the chicken jerky
6:44 pm
traets made their dogs sick. nestle says the recall has nothing to do with the safety of the treats. it says they found traces of antibiotics in the product. the amount found is not a health risk. you can return the products for a refund. the fda's investigation into what sickened and killed hundreds of pets is ongoing. >> an edible bar code and drugs, the technology developed right here in the bay area. >> reporter: medication is what you take. the world health organization estimates up to 15% of the world's drug supply is counterfe counterfeit. this device could change that. true technologies has developed an edible bar code. pills are sprayed with a special dust of an ingredient found in
6:45 pm
sweeteners and considered generally safe by the fda. it contains a specific color quings. combination. it reveals the drug name, lot number, even the expiration date. >> this is another line of defense to create greater comfort and security that the medicine you are taking is real, legitimate and designed to help you the way you doctor intended it to be. >> reporter: the bar code can also help during a drug recall. >> being able to test the pill itself as opposed to the package can really help a manufacturer figure out where their quality problem is in the case of a product recall. >> reporter: ron worked in the pharmaceutical industry. he says the technology may go a long way to crack down on general eshg medications which are manufactured in other countries. >> for the fda an additional
6:46 pm
monitoring. >> reporter: peter with wong says the cost of the edible bar code is a fracture of the cost per pill so he doesn't anticipate it will impact the price of drugs. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> jeff ranieri, we're not talking rain, just cold. >> a little bit of rain mixed in there. the cold will be the big headline as we head throughout the next 36 hours. the coldest air of the season, also of the past 12 months already beginning to arrive here. you can see that line and clearing back hyped it as this
6:47 pm
continues to rush in. thursday, friday and saturday and with us through parts of n sunday. plenty of chilly showers. it's coming down good on highway 1301 and on 280 down to the silicon valley. we'll see a lot of this push into and from oakland to fremont as we head the next 30 to 35 minutes. numbers continue to drop. just a brief wind and feeling like the 30s. 48 in livermore and 50 currently in san jose. chilly now. santa rosa tomorrow morning, 31 degrees. napa 32. concord 34. you need the layers with you and we'll struggle to get out of the 40s as we head throughout tomorrow afternoon. let's pull apart the layers even more. daytime highs in the 40s. that will set us up for a colder day for friday where morning lows will stay in the 20s. a freeze warning in effect for
6:48 pm
the north bay, east bay and the south bay for friday morning. likely some areas of black ice once you start to get up into the higher elevations. that's a dangerous commute for you. back to the weather boards. we have this huge trough of low pressure sitting out here. these are what you tell cold air cumulus and that's going to continue to drop further for tomorrow. those snow levels could drop down to 1,000 feet. some isolated showers lingering. for tonight a few spotty showers in the peninsula. the santa cruz mountains and the south bay. as our forecast models continue to fine-tune this, it doesn't bring a lot of rainfall onshore
6:49 pm
for 6:00 a.m. on thursday. a lot of it stays offshore. showers across the peninsula, in the south bay, and it hits around the time temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. a trace to .04 of an inch of rainfall could be enough to give us a dusting of snow. some of the spots to watch out for highway 17 throughout the santa cruz mountains. even twin peaks. while it's not 1,000 feet we may get some rain and also a snow flurry mixing in throughout early tomorrow morning. again, depending on how much moisture is left. temperatures in the low 30s to start. 31 in santa rosa. 32 in napa and 39 in san jose. on the three-day forecast some dry weather into your friday and saturday. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, it stays sunny and it stays cold.
6:50 pm
temperatures in the 50s. 49 inland. that's if for the high. >> that's the high? >> and that's the day of the 49ers game. >> the significance this. >> a weather/sports relation. let's get to sports. >> jeff joins us. i'm sure we'll talk about barry bonds today. i thought your tease would be, speaking of cold, here is jim. for the second time no players were elected. players need 75% of the vote to make it to the hall. craig biggio came the closest. this may have been the most controversial class yet due to the steroid era of baseball and it was headlined by barry bonds.
6:51 pm
who was denied entry and it's not just fun to receive 32%. sammy sosa, 12%. all appeared on the ballot for the first time. they do have up to 14 years to make it to cooperstown. ray weighs in on the situation. barry bonds didn't get into the hall of fame for one obvious reason. no one knows what to do with him yet. his numbers, as tainted as they may be with steroids seem to be clear that he ought to be in and will get in at some point. but no one is sure what to do with him yet or roger clemons. this was a baffling vote for a lot of people. maybe nor baffling than it needed to be. it was what it was. barry bonds not getting in this
6:52 pm
time, probably not next time, but at some point he'll be in. >> the 49ers welcomed the green bay packers on saturday. the niners defeated the pack in week one let by frank gore's rushing yards. gore has been quiet lately. >> offenses look to avoid third and long. for this saturday frank gore needs to have that same kind of production. recently he's been nowhere near close to that. >> going to turn, gives it to gore. driving in, touchdown, 9ers. 49ers. his role will be what it's been. >> but frank gore became much less prominent production wise for the 49ers the second half of the season. gore had more carries the final eight games but four yards. his average yards per carry
6:53 pm
dropped more than a full yard. it's a difference that core relates to the change at quarterback and more use of the read option. >> it's different but that's it. >> the main difference for gore is working on his timing and communication with colin kaepernick. >> i asked him what he wants my alignments to be coming through the line. the small things like that. i just have to be patient. he patient through the line. >> kendall hunter and fatigue can be factors into gore's decline. the 49ers hope he'll rebound
6:54 pm
this time as well. >> thanks, mindy. to hoops. the last time we saw the warriors they got stunned by the clippers. they welcome one of the top teams in the west, the grizzlies. they haven't beat them at home since 2010 and they're looking to turn things around tonight. >> it's a big matchup. the top scorer in the league. we improved a lot. >> we played there so they're a big challenge for us. >> so it's the warriors and grizzly at oracle. highlights at 11:00 tonight. that will do it in sports from the xfinity sports desk. back to you. >> stefan curry bobble head night, i believe. right? >> very exciting.
6:55 pm
>> for a full half hour you can watch on comcast sports net bay area at 10:30. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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okay. so the key to tomorrow's cool drop-off is wear lots of stuff over my pajamas when i drop the kids off. >> you're a pajama mom? >> and remember that jacket. did you remember it? >> i can. i did. snow can go as low as 1,000 feet. temperatures in the 30s, the low 30s to start. >> stay warm. have a great evening. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:58 pm
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> now on "extra" -- kimmel's late-night victory. smash. how aniston helped him hammer jay and dave in their first head to head ratings war. >> how long have you dreamed about this moment? >> plus, stars reading their favorite mean tweets. >> kirstie alley is a dirty [bleep]. >> i have a few of your mean tweets, mario. >> good, i have a few of yours, too. >> now trending, rosie's surprise baby news. and miss alabama u.s.a., katherine webb, ugly duckling story of being bullied and why she says give brent a break. >> i think they're unfair to him. >> trump versus maher. why he insists he pay up on $5 million bet. lance armstrong sitting down with oprah to admit he cheated? with oprah to admit he cheated? we have dr. sanjay gupta.

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